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So I've seen guides online say you need 18k pen which is a crazy amount, the highest I've ever been at is 8k I think as a Stam DPS. With the Thief Mundus my Crit Rate is 60 to 70 percent depending which set I use, and my Crit Damage is 45 percent. If I use Kraghs and Spriggans, my pen is 5k with Thief or Shadow, 8k if I use the Lover.

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Jun 7, 2020 · For damage, always sharpened for pvp. It is always the best, no matter what weapon you are using. The only reasons to use Nirnhoned instead is if you also want to gain some healing power on top or if you are a stat harlot and want to see a higher weapon damage number on your character sheet. The damage difference between Sharpened and Nirnhoned ... TLDR Changes: Expect one or more in class DoTs to be longer lasting, but not as effective. Expect classes with powerful executes and great main spammables to shine. Expect classes and builds that utilize both resources pools to dominate. These three primary points will set the stage for this ESO Solo PvE Tier List.Maul + Sharpened can reach just shy of 7k penetration, with a Bosmer (Hunter's Eye) or a Necromancer (Detonating Siphon + Dismember) pushes ahead over that. Greatsword I'm using Nirnhoned for Sorc and DK. Dual Wielding, I'm sticking to Swords and Daggers for the time being, again dropped Axes, I may give Maces a try later.Trait info -- called Nirnhoned: Armor: Uses Fortified Nirncrux. Increases spell resistance by 2.5 - 4.5% according to quality. Weapon: Uses Potent Nirncrux. Tooltip is "Increases Spell resistance by 0" from craft stations and link info on the trait stone. Research: There is a new 4th-level research passive reading:

Nirnhoned Nirn is versatile. Honestly, when in doubt, go defending as it is useful in all situations and all builds. #7. ... ESO is way too complex... Personally only my magblade uses a vMA resto staff in pvp back barred. So Defending + Temporal Guard (for the %8 damage reduction) on back bar. Healing ward used to make this a pretty tanky setup ...ESO Build Editor; Necrom. Arcanist Class Guide; Arcanist Builds; New Companions. Sharp-as-Night; Azandar Al-Cybiades; New Dungeons. Bal Sunnar Dungeon Guide; Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide; Mythic Item Lead Locations; Antiquities & Leads; ESO Map; Companions. Companion Rapport; Companions Guide; Sharp-as-Night [NEW] Sharp-as …

That's how you get almost 100% uptime. One handed weapon glyphs are essentially halved, so even an infused glyph on a dagger isn't that big of a deal compared to if you had it on the backbar. For frontbar weapons it's best to take stat bonuses like precise and sharpened or nirnhoned for the flat damage boost.

Why are nirnhoned weapons so expensive? "Some enjoy bringing grief to others. They remind M'aiq of mudcrabs - horrible creatures, with no redeeming qualities." "When my time comes, I will smile. And that will be all." -Sir Nathain Galien. IGN: TenThirty2 (PC/PS: NA, PC/PS: EU) "Some enjoy bringing grief to others.You'd have to call @Asayre for the details but with the recent change I think Sharpened would beat Nirnhoned even in this specific case. Also consider the relative amount of increase. If I switch from Nirn to non-nirn weapons my sweeps damage tooltip goes from 1390 to 1235 (roughly) which means the healing done goes from 348 to 309.Nirnhoned needs to provide a different bonus entirely as the current situation of having two skills that both buff the same stat (Armor) is completely asinine. Giving Nirnhoned a bonus such as +25%* to the per piece armor bonuses/penalties of the given weight would be a far more interesting option.၂၀၂၂၊ အောက် ၂၈ ... This will be my complete beginner guide to being a PvE damage dealer in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). ... Nirnhoned – Increases the Weapon/Spell ...It’s just so versatile. My favorite way of using it is by running it in pvp is with Markyn Ring of Majesty, and following the setup of: Weapon 1: Maul of Agility (sharpened) Weapon 2: Set #2. Body- Heartland Conqueror (x4); set #2 (x3) for stam this should be heavy reinforced chest and legs, medium on head shoulders boots and gloves, waist ...

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In PvP nirnhoned will allways be stronger then sharpened! This damage from nirn scale with everything. sharpened dont work against shieldsstackers for example and gives more selfheal. With 2H ult the damage effect is growing stronger! Edited by DeHei on September 28, 2017 4:16AM. DeHei - EP Magicka Templar Allrounder.Heartland Conqueror is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is one of the Crafted Sets, part of Blackwood Chapter, and has 4 bonuses. Any Item - Any Craftable. Bind on Equip. Heartland Conqueror. LEVEL 50 CHAMPION 160 (2 items) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage (3 items) Adds 1096 Max MagickaNirnhoned increases the damage stat of that weapon. In dual-wield, the main-hand weapon contributes 100% of its damage stat, while the off-hand contributes only 20% of its damage stat. You're far better off with Sharpened or Precise on the other weapon, while keeping Nirnhoned on the main hand. Nightfighters ― PC/NA and PC/EU.Creatures up there that drop leather have a chance to drop the trait stones. Same with Nightwood and Voidcloth nodes. But the only weapon/armor drop in the game that gives up Nirn Traited items is the Main Quest. And, Nirn trait stones can be found in both Upper and Lower Craglorn now.Because im sure if you knew this already, the nirn traits go for about 5-7k, while reinforced trait is common and basically free. While were at it, nirn is also better than reinforced on waist and gloves. He told me last night he got it then in remembered a post on here saying they never seen it.It's just that the additional pen from either sharpened or a maul and passives will also help. It looks like a golden sharpened sword gives 2752 penetration and 284 weapon damage. A golden nirnhoned maul gives 3300 penetration and 15% increase to the maul's damage. 284 weapon damage would be 15% extra weapon damage of 1893.333 weapon damage.

Unless you make destro staves drop in Nirnhoned then the Maelstrom staves become useless. No one uses wall of Elementals and it is useless in any sort of DPS rotation. Lastly the 189 spell damage should actually be 193 spell damage for a legendary enchant if it follows the same example as a V16 spell damage set bonus on Willpower. 189 spell ...You have to complete certain/all craglorn main story quests and receive an nirnhoned item as a quest reward. I still haven't figured out which quests exactly. The items do NOT drop from delves, mobs, PvP rewards, etc. As far as the material goes. Nirncrux drops randomly from harvesting nodes in upper craglorn.I use a mixture of Hundings Rage and Spriggans Thorn for gear on my stamblade. My daggers are both Nirnhoned with (i think) poison and weapon damage enchantments on them. Spriggans Thorn is found in Rivenspire in the Daggerfall Covenant area and Hunding's Rage is a crafted set. There are many good stamina sets in the game.Nirnhoned main hand, precise or sharpened off hand. Beta tester since February 2014, played ESO-TU October 2015 - August 2022, currently on an extended break vMA (The Flawless Conqueror) | vVH (Spirit Slayer & of the Undying Song) | vDSA | vAA HM | vHRC HM | vSO HM | vMoL | vAS+1 | EmperorAlso, there is passive in the lady champion point tree called ‘Shield Expert’. This passive gives your shield 75% more armor. This stacks multiplicatively with a nirnhoned or reinforced bonus. Ultimately nirnhoned is a little better than reinforced (about 50 armor points on cp160 gold). So if you can get nirnhoned, do it.Nirnhoned (Nirncrux) If you are missing the item: Leave Cell Blank: 4. Dagger: If you have researched the traint ... Hammer: This template was created by Divinion. Any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to message: @Divinion Elder Scrolls Online - NA Megaserver or Email: [email protected]: 8. Maul: 9. Sword: 10. Greatsword: 11. How to ...Clever Alchemist. LEVEL 50 - CP 160. Type Craftable. ArmorSet bonus. (2 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health. (3 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health. (4 items) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage. (5 items) When you drink a potion during combat you feel a rush of energy, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 675 for 20 seconds.

Use a mimic stone to make it initially, then deconstruct it to get the style item. Seems as if the same would apply to deconstruction of retraited gear. Cuz you don't use a nirn in the firstplace - plus doing this would be HIGHLY STUPID with 50 transmute crystal for 10-14k max. Edited by Mureel on November 13, 2017 12:06PM. #14.Please watch: "Destiny 2: How to Buy Destiny 2 FREE! EVERYONE CAN DO THIS! (appnana)" a look a...

If you use the same glyph with an infused staff it gives 452 spell damage with 100% uptime, so infused adds 278 spell damage. Nirnhoned is 15% of your weapon's damage, or 1335 in the case of a staff. This works out to 200 spell damage. So 78 spell damage less than infused.That's how you get almost 100% uptime. One handed weapon glyphs are essentially halved, so even an infused glyph on a dagger isn't that big of a deal compared to if you had it on the backbar. For frontbar weapons it's best to take stat bonuses like precise and sharpened or nirnhoned for the flat damage boost.Ninrhoned (Armor) is an armor trait in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). The Nirnhoned (Armor) trait material is called Fortified Nirncrux and it drops in the Craglorn zone from harvesting crafting nodes such as metal, wood or cloth. The drop rate from harvesting nodes is very low. It can also drop in weekly rewards such as Maelstrom or the Trial ... Pillar of Nirn. (5 items) When you deal damage, you create a fissure underneath the enemy after 1 second, dealing 683 Bleed Damage to all enemies within 2.5 meters and causing them to bleed for an additional 3415 Bleed Damage over 10 seconds.Forums English General ESO Discussion. I have maxed out my transmute crystals at 200/200.To start the Rockgrove Trials, players need to head to the southern tip of Blackwood near Black Marsh. Related: When Elder Scrolls Online's Current Roadmap Ends (& What's Next) This quest is based in an ancient city that has been overtaken by the daedric cult of Mehrunes Dagon. Starting with the quest Of Stone and Steam can be a good start for ...You can research it to learn the Nirnhoned trait for that type of item. Then you can craft more of that Nirnhoned item (if you have the right kind of Nirncrux) to trade for other Nirnhoned items to research, or just buy them. AFAIK, Nirnhoned items don't drop in the game, aside from the one you're awarded upon completing the Craglorn quests.Increases Weapon and Spell Critical by 1.8%. Precise is a weapon trait in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). You can craft the Precise trait by using the Ruby material. The material drops from any source in the game and can also be bought in the Guild Stores. You can also deconstruct items with the Precise trait to have a chance to obtain the material.

craglorn main quest, guild stores. Cp 1490. Xbox-EU-AD. Khajiit Night blade Healer (BiS for cuteness)- Flawless Conquerer Grand Overlord. Khajiit Stamsorc Werewolf, Flawless Conquerer (1st attempt ww form during the entire dungeon) main. Khajiit(Master Race) Templar Healer, Flawless Conquerer.

If sharpened beats nirnhoned in pretty much every situation and thats like 95% of the situations, maybe its time they balance traits. If everyone is going for only sharpened/healing trait for weapons and, only mundus or impenetrable for armor, c.

if you have a precise sword and one dagger its only a 2 percent crit difference. the the difference you look at is 2 percent crit percent and nirn vs 3 percent flat damage. It's bigger than you think, running precise on a sword means you're missing out on penetration, that's where you're losing the damage. But you are running sharpened ...Execute Rotation (<25% of Target Health) 25%, immediately replace Surprise Attack with Killer's Blade casts. Also stop using Rending Slashes and activating your Relentless Focus bow proc (keep the 5 stacks) at 25%. 12%, stop using Shade. 8%, stop using Barbed Trap and Twisting Path.Leveling MageDk, MageTemplar, & MageWarden. Nirnhoned is so simple man. Its more damage on that weapon. So if you have weapon thats damage number says 1500 that means its giving you 1500 weapon and spell damage. Make it nirn and your weapon and spell damage will go up 150 each. I wouldn't recommend Nirnhoned on any class. It's way underpowered on staves, especially with the Thrassian meta. Precise is great for both single target and cleave, and Infused has a few uses (Magcro staying at 100% crit, prismatic against Daedra/undead, flame for solo Burning uptime).The Maths: Gold 2-Handed Weapon in Nirnhoned = 1535 weapon/spell damage base with 50% Glyph uptime. Gold 2-Handed Weapon in Infused =1335 weapon/spell damage base with 65%/75% Glyph uptime. Note: Technically Infused is supposed to cut the glyph time down to 50% which is 2.5 seconds which would give a 75% uptime. At the end of the main quest of Upper Craglorn, you'll receive one random nirnhoned item. That's how everything started: when 1.4 was released, players did the researchs quickly and traded items with one another, and a few months later most crafters have everything available. Alrighty! thanks much! ~Thallen~. #3. This powerful option will be used as our frontbar set. The recommended Monster Set for this build to increase our total DPS will be Zaan. Finally, our backbar will be open for another powerful option, Perfected Spectral Cloak. This set buffs the Blade Cloak skill and its morphs, giving you bonus protection and damage done.NA. EU. PC. XBox One. PlayStation. A centralized trading place for Elder scrolls online TU (ESO)Were do you find nirnhoned trait material? — Elder Scrolls Online. Forums English Crafting. Forums English Crafting. I only have 3, noticed people are making gold by crafting armor and selling it on traders with the trait but selling for 10k each, when i look for mat its 10k to 14k, so no profit at all.So i guess its perfectly acceptable to run around Cyrodiil with broken/OP Nirnhoned reducing all magic damage by one half rendering over half the games builds and classes ineffective, yet nerfing a Sorc's frag proc stack that is RNG based nonetheless is more important. ... ESO - The Year Behind Too Much Bolt Escape - banned for "hacking …

Skeletal Archer. After all of this, try to refresh your DoTs (damage-over-time) effects as best as possible as this is mostly a DoT rotation. If you see that your skills have no finished their durations, start spamming Detonating Siphon and Carve. It's really important to not lose Carve stacks for better DoT uptimes.Nirnhoned | TESO ESP | Comunidad en Español de The Elder Scrolls Online. TESO-ESP.COM PANTHEON-ESP.COM FOROHARDWARE.COM. Si tenéis problemas para registraros mandad un Whatsapp al +34 644 21 26 28 (indicad Nick, página en la que tenéis problemas y opcionalmente vuestro correo electronico). NOTA: NO CIERRES ESTE CUADRO DE DIALOGO HASTA QUE ...Dual wield Nirnhoned swords is still pretty much the best option for the dual wield (With Overload) bar for a magicka Sorc. Enchant... whatever you like... maybe shock to help proc disintegration passive. Edited by Flaminir on April 8, 2016 10:55AM. GM of the Unholy Legacy.Instagram:https://instagram. laguardia airport delays todayesl federal credit union online bankingcaviar sturgeon ffxivlowes layoffs 2023 They do the same thing, but reinforced is better on large pieces. Theoretically nirn would give more armor on small pieces, but those are usually preferred with sturdy trait for reduced block cost. #5. November 2017. Betsararie. . . both garbage. funky town mexican cartelmeteorologist drew montreuil The benefit of poison, is that you can use them alongside sharpened and nirnhoned weapon traits. Which also buffs your base damage. Non-destruction enchants like absorb magicka/stamina are much less potent and are compareable to poison dps. Magnus is my mind. Enchants are only and exlusively better, when using infused. foodie beauty onlyfans I've crafted dozens of nirnhoned items for 0g + stone. Nirncrux is supposed to be rare and powerful, it makes sense that it's not easy to get. Getting nirncrux stones require farming. So does getting rare motifs. They also stated during ESO Live that Crafting Writs would not get motifs as possible rewards. As a Magicka Sorc, Nirnhoned armor is now useless. You'll be using damage shields for defense often which receive no benefit from spell and magicka resistance. Your best bet is Infused on large pieces and divines on small pieces or divines on all 7 pieces depending on which sets you're using and what your goals are.The current maximum traits are 9 per armor, weapon or jewelry. The total amount of researching all 9 traits for one armor or weapon type takes a total of 3066 hours, or 127,75 days without a booster. Traits are either directly applied when crafting an item in ESO, or when you change the trait of an item at a Transmute Station.